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Events Where Printed T-Shirts Are a Must

However not all events are made equal, and certain gatherings or functions will have different requirements than others. Likewise, what may enhance one will probably look silly in another.

Here, we’re principally talking about the matter of t-shirt printing, and the benefits that having designed clothing can have for a particular occasion.

There are a lot of reasons why people may want to have a printed t-shirt, whether it’s simply to show off their creativity or to link themselves with a larger body of people. However they can also have a place in a wide range of social events, so we’ve written up a small list to help you work out whether customised t-shirts may have a place at one of yours as well.

1)      Hen/Stag Nights

Perhaps the first event people will often think of when considering printing t-shirts is a hen or stag night. As such things frequently involve large groups of people roving around a particular place, it can be helpful to have some instant means of recognising everyone. Especially if attendees expect to get involved in any heavy drinking.

2)      Group Holidays

Similar to hen and stag nights, if you’re going out on a holiday with a group of friends, then printing a collection of t-shirts for everyone to wear is an excellent idea. Once again, it provides a quick way of marking everyone out, and that can be invaluable if you’re visiting somewhere that can be very crowded or confusing. It might be an idea to print contact details on the shirts as well, so that people can get into contact with the holiday’s organisers – or each other – if ever someone gets lost.

3)      Charity Events

Generosity has long been regarded as a very central virtue, however people are always a little wary of just handing out money to people on the street. If you’re thinking of hosting a charity fundraising event, whether it’s something as simple as asking for donations for a collection tin or something as elaborate as a fair, it can be helpful to have a printed t-shirt.

Doing so shows a level of dedication and organisation to the occasion, which makes people feel more comfortable and more trusting towards you as a whole. It also raises awareness for the charity you’re working for, which can be just as valuable in itself.

4)      Clubs and Societies

If you’re starting at a club at school, your university, or just for fun, then printing t-shirts can be a great way to enhance your club’s membership. Not only does it provide a common form of “uniform” to link everyone together and create solidarity, it also presents a good way to raise funds for the club’s coffers too. Much like charities, it also makes the club seem a lot more organised and efficiently run, which makes it more appealing to newcomers.

5)      Weddings

More specifically the wedding reception. While some may opt for more traditional dinner jackets and dresses, a more informal and intimate event could very well call for printed shirts instead. This is a lot more affordable than buying/renting formal wear, and can also greatly enhance how much fun people are having.

Printing Memories

Another advantage to printing t-shirts for your events, whatever they may be, is that they can also be taken away afterwards and kept by any attendees.

Customised t-shirts are fairly affordable, and it’s very easy to print off more than you need should you desire to do so. As a result, they can not only serve their purpose during the function itself, but also find a use long after it’s finished as well. This is not only a mark of generosity, but also highly practical and economic as well.

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