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Stock Pantone Ink Colours

Choose from our stock range of Pantone ink colours below.

You can click on a swatch to view it on the Pantone website and get more information about the colour, including HEX, RGB & CMYK values.

137c copyYellow C copy120c copy1365c copy108c copy5865c copy100c copy131c copy1235C copy123c copy7580c copy166c copy122c copy173c copy130c copy7417c copy021c copy152c copy148c copy193c copy7644c copy186c copy485c copy1945c copyWarm Red copy505c copy1795c copyRubine Red copy191c copy1775c copy682C copy205c copy673c copy204c copy190c copy210C copy1765c copy712c copy513C copyPurple C copy2583c copy7447c copy2573c2695c copyViolet c copy272c copy7677C copy2635c copy289c copy540c copy295c copy534c copyreflex blue copy2757c copy647c copy293c copy2767c copy300c copy2728c copy539c copy312c copy2173c copy7684c copy299c copy7684c copy646c copy7456c copy7452c copy2191c copy2717c copy548c copy329c copy325c copy297c copy3295c3298c copy7718c copy571c copy395c copy3298c copy350c copy356c copy355c copy360c copy2418c copy366c copy364c copy362c copy358c copy375c copy7519cv2 copy7589c copy4715C copy4665c7524C copy2470c copy486c copy470C copy7519cv2 copy720c copy489c copy461c copy7401c copy481c copy4515c copyBlack c copyCG2c copyCG6c copyCG8c copyCG10c copyWG2c copyWG6cWG8c copyWG10c copywhitev2423C copy