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Get your own Embroidered Polo Shirts

We can create the perfect set of embroidered or printed polo shirts for your needs. Just send us the logo, image or web address and we will either embroider or print it onto the garment as you prefer. We cannot embroider intricate detail or photographic material, but we are able to adjust sizes.

We are the Embroidered and Printed Clothing Company, a specialised embroidery company who excel in producing high quality pieces of clothing with your logo or design carefully incorporated onto it.

Personalised polo shirts, embroidered with the name or logo of your group, are a key part of teamwork and partnership. Not only do the matching polo shirts demonstrate that you are a cohesive team, but they also foster unity amongst those wearing them. Groups with younger children are easier to spot when they are wearing the same polo shirts with the group identity embroidered onto the front crest or the back.

Choose your group colour carefully, and consider the placement of the logo or wording. Usually, our customers like something on the front left crest and on the back, but we can also place your design elsewhere.

Embroidered polo shirts are the most durable form of logo or image transfer, as they last for dozens of washes and are immune to damage from strong sunlight, such as colour fading or peeling. However, if you prefer, we are also able to do transfer printing and appliqué; these however may not be quite so long-lasting.

With over 15 years of experience, our embroiderers are among the best on the market. We have a long history of dealing with a whole variety of different clientele; both big businesses and corporations as well as smaller organisations and groups. We use Tajima machines, the very best and most efficient on the market, and we can embroider onto virtually any surface of the item of clothing.

We can supply any number of embroidered polo shirts on demand; simply give us a call on or email us on

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