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Tee Shirt Printing For Business and Pleasure

Tee shirt printing, in particular, has become a staple of fashion since at least the 60’s, when personalised t-shirts bearing the logos of favourite bands, films and TV shows became popular. Iron on transfers quickly followed, especially as image printing technology took off and became more widespread. With the arrival of PCs and multipurpose printers in the 90s, it had become a fixed part of Western society and beyond. Consequently the market for t-shirts bearing more individual logos, messages and images has quickly blossomed, and now tee shirt printing is about as cheap as a ticket to the cinema.

This has subsequently been used for a variety of purposes, from businesses to things of a more informal nature. For those of you looking for their own ways to make use of t-shirt printing, we’ve listed some of the more common applications to have been used by people in the past.

#1 Hen/Stag Parties

Perhaps one of the most common events that use tee shirt printing are hen and stag parties taking place just before a wedding. While many people often wear novelty antlers or some other easily identifiable accessory, it’s often easier and less obtrusive to print a t-shirt as well to go with it. Especially as accessories tend to go missing as the night progresses. Such shirts frequently feature the hen or stag’s name, as well as any other humorous and/or supportive message their friends may have wished to include.

#2 School Leavers

Another common event is for a school or university to print of shirts, hoodies and other items of clothing to commemorate a graduating year group now leaving that school. T-shirts are often the cheaper alternative to hoodies, and thus are generally more commonly bought.

#3 Clubs and Associations

Clubs that have grown particularly large may decide to invest in tee shirt printing so as to provide a uniform of sorts for their members to identify each other with, as well as to be identified by should the club ever go on an outing.

#4 Work Uniforms

Similar to club t-shirts, work uniforms are primarily for identification. For businesses such as shops or cafes, it’s helpful for customers to know whether they’re speaking to an employee. It also makes the business in question seem more professional and organised to have a standardised uniform. Another advantage comes with staff morale – printed tee shirts help create a sense of uniformity and fellowship amongst the team, improving company pride and work ethic.

#5 Charities, Protests and Other Organised Movements

If a local church is doing a fund raiser for a roof, or local members of the community want to protest a perceived difficulty with local government, then printing t-shirts again creates solidarity and a sense of organisation that can greatly improve the movement’s chances of success. In addition, tee shirt printing is a great form of free advertising. It quickly and easily allows passers-by to see what the commotion is all about, and provide a brief idea of its aims.

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