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Choosing T-shirt Printing for Your Business

Deciding what kind of shirts to print on is amongst the most important things to consider as well as getting your employees to show off your brand and look their best.

Here are some tips on choosing t-shirt printing for your business:

What are your T-shirts being used for?

After finding the product they want, customers often call in asking for a quote on T-Shirts but aren’t quite sure what they are looking for. The Embroidered & Printed Clothing Company others many options and T-shirts that are available for outdoor and sports use. If you want to order T-shirts for outdoor use to keep you warm we offer heavier material but if you need T-shirts for your sports team such as a football team then you might want to opt for a thinner material, so you don’t get too hot. Before ordering, you should consider why you need the T-shirts and what you want to get out of them.

T-shirt printing options

We offer two types of T-shirt printing, including Dye Sublimation printing and Screen Printing.

Dye Sub printing is achieved by heat pressing a printed image directly onto a poly cotton T-Shirt from a piece of transfer paper, the ink then turns in to a gas and becomes a permanent part of the shirt.

Screen printing is the application of a logo or design by printing inks directly onto the T-Shirt or garment. This is done through a screen, and you need a different screen for each colour in the design.

Whilst both give equally striking designs, you need to ensure that their design is suitable for the use of the garment and what you want to be printed on it. Our team will be able to help you with this choice.

Always order spare t-shirts

People often make the mistake of not ordering enough T-shirts for their business or team. It’s always best that you they order some spare T-shirts because reordering one or two t-shirts can prove to be more costly. Nobody wants to be lumbered with stacks of T-shirts lying about in the warehouse but make sure you order a few spares just in case you have to replace them or a member of your team leaves and you bring in a new person.

If in doubt call us and give us a shout

If you are in doubt about what’s works best for your company or team. We have a team of experts who have the technical knowledge as well as equipment and time to answer any questions you might have about sharp screen T-shirt printing, high quality embroidery or Dye Sublimation printing for your company or sports team.  Call us today on

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