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Screen Printing and Dye Sublimation on Printed T-Shirts

If you have a design or logo that is too intricate or large for other methods, (such as embroidery), then printing is the perfect option for you. There are several different printing techniques available and what you want from your shirt will determine which type of printing you should opt for. Screen printing and dye sublimation printing are by far two of the best ways to print and can help you to achieve your perfect T-shirt fast.

Printing onto T-Shirts is perfect if you have a very specific design in mind that you want to display and don’t like the idea of compromising on colours or details. Printing can give you bright and punchy designs that are sure to get heads turning. If your design consists of simple wording or a logo, such as those on university garments, then screen printing is the right option for you.

Screen printing works by printing inks directly onto your T-shirt, giving your garment fantastic vibrancy and detail. To ensure that your logo or design continues to look the part whatever you’re doing, it’s placed into a dryer or heater to finish, where the inks can cure. This option is cost effective and great for any kind of event, club or charitable cause.

Want striking all over colour?

If you’ve got a design that needs to incorporate the whole of a garment, then screen printing probably isn’t your best option. Dye sublimation printing is a process in which your design is placed over the entire garment, giving you bold and colourful designs from top to bottom. This process creates your printed T-shirt in a slightly different way and uses transfer paper and heat to press the whole design directly onto the shirt.

What makes this process really ingenious is that once pressed, the ink turns into a gas and becomes a part of the shirt forever – meaning your design will stay looking sharp wash after wash. High quality JPEG images with a 200 DPI are a must for this process, especially if you want a quality print on your finished T-shirt. This process is perfect for anyone who wants to create a great effect on a T-shirt using their own personal design.

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