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Say it with T Shirt Printing

They can help you and your friends to promote your band in a physical and inexpensive way, so whether you’re rocking out on stage or walking down the street, everyone will remember your name. T Shirt printing is also perfect if you run a college sports club or society and want to show it off to the world! Get your club logo or societies stamp printed onto a shirt and let everyone know how proud you are to be part of a team.

There are two different ways you can print onto a tee and what’s best for you will depend on a whole host of factors including costs, amounts, quality and timing. The two types of printing services you can opt for are digital T Shirt printing and screen printing. Both of them have fantastic advantages to offer, so you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing quality or quantity to get the print you want.

Digital printing offers amazingly detailed quality, which is perfect if you have a logo that is full of intricacies or sentences that need to be printed very small. The outcome with digital printing is a logo that is as clear on your chest as it is on your screen, so there’s no need to ‘dumb down’ your logo to make it work with a shirt. Digital printing is also super-fast and fairly inexpensive, which is great for those who are dying to get their hands on their custom made shirt ASAP. A quick turnaround also allows you to print smaller batches faster, so if you’re looking for a few different variations on your design, digital printing is the one for you!

Like digital printing, screen printing is an incredibly cheap way to get your design on a wearable cotton shirt. It is a little more labour intensive than digital printing but there are so many other advantages that make screen printing a perfect choice. Most importantly, screen printing uses a fantastic method that pushes the ink all the way into the clothing fibres. This method is so popular because it stops the eventual fade and peeling that is often associated with digital printing. Screen printing is also advantageous because of its versatility. Your logo can easily be made large enough to cover a whole T Shirt or small enough to fit over a tiny pocket, making it a perfect choice if your logo or design is an unusual size.

Both printing methods are a great way to show off your brand or your band and whether you need 20 custom designs or 200 mixed logos, T Shirt printing can help you to say it your way in style.

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