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Why Purchasing Printed T-Shirts in Bulk is Good for Your Business

Here are some of the benefits of buying printed t-shirts in bulk:

It’s cost effective

Buying in bulk is a lot cheaper and more cost-effective, compared to buying shirts individually. The Embroidered and Printed Clothing Company offer discounts for large quantity t shirt printing orders.

If you purchase in bulk you will save money because of the one-time delivery in bulk buying. All the goods will be delivered at the time and location previously set by the client and the company.

More profitable

One of the best advantages of bulk buying is getting the merchandise at a cheaper price and reselling it at a price that will attain the highest profit margin. Clothing business owners can resell their merchandise at a lower price than their high street competitors since they have purchased their product at a cheaper cost. Customers like cheaper prices, which means more sales for the owner.

Saves you time

When it comes to business, time equals money so rather than buying individual shirts from a place, it’s much quicker to choose a design and place a single order. This makes ordering much quicker and easier.

Consistency is key

When it comes to ordering your printed t shirts, there’s no need for buyers to worry about consistency as the entire order will be identically produced and delivered at the same time.


Many clothing business owners will experience selling out of their most popular products and as a result can lose lots of money. By stocking up on your most popular items this can be a fantastic advantage, especially for those busy times of the year including Christmas and during the summer months. If you own a small clothing business you can benefit immensely by bulk buying and having extra stock in reserve.

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