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Create the Perfect Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing is the perfect way to create ‘brand awareness’ as it provides you with a source of fluid marketing. Posters and adverts are great but often only reach a small number of potential customers and followers because they’re stuck in one place

Most people tend to walk to work, take a run or go shopping in the same place every week, so if you’re looking to branch out it makes sense to have advertising on the go. Promotional clothing could help take your brand or event all across the country and whether it’s T-shirts, hats, jumpers or bags you could be making a statement from London all the way to Edinburgh.

Screen printing is just one way to enhance the look of your promotional clothing and is ideal for tops and tote bags. It’s one of the most popular choices for many events, marketing and promotions teams due to its great finish and affordable price. Printing is the best option if you have a particularly detailed, large or colourful logo, as this process can mix and match any colour and apply it to your desired garment.

Another way to give your promotional clothing an edge is with relabelling and finishing. Unpicking and relabelling garments with your own brands label helps to create a solid brand identity and gives your apparel an overall professional finish. Depending on your needs, you can choose from standard neck labelling, printed neck labelling or hem tags – all of which are the perfect way to stylishly and subtly promote your brand.

If you’re looking to create promotional clothing that’s a little more simplistic, or if your logo or branding is simpler, then embroidery might be a better option for you. Embroidery gives you a more subtle marketing approach, whilst still creating eye catching designs that will help to promote your brand or event. It is not advisable to choose embroidery if you have a complex or detailed logo, although printing and embroidery can be combined to create a unique piece of clothing if needed.

Getting your promotional clothing right is important if you want to stand out, so make sure you choose the right finishing touches to suit your style and your brand. Our team is on hand to offer advice and assistance to make sure that your promotional clothing gets the right touch, simply call them today on

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