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Make Embroidered Workwear a Part of your Businesses Look

Although appearances aren’t everything, well dressed staff can help your company or business comes across as more reputable and friendly to customers. Uniforms are a fantastic way to show off your staff and your business, as well as let everyone know just who you are. If you already issue uniforms to your workforce but want to do more, a great way to improve on this could be to opt for embroidered workwear.

Embroidered workwear is small and discreet enough that it won’t ruin a smart uniform but is visible enough to improve on a uniform, and let everyone know that your staff work for you and are here to help them. Many restaurants, hotels and bars choose to use embroidered work shirts but no matter what kind of business you run, personalisation can take uniforms up a notch at a relatively lost cost.

Customisation is another great reason to embroider; putting your own stamp on staff uniforms not only helps others to identify them but gives staff an identity themselves. Their uniforms should be something that they’re proud to wear and customised stitching can help to take away the idea that your staff are just ‘any old set of workers’ by giving them something that everyone can really admire.

Another great feature of embroidered workwear is that almost any piece of clothing can be embroidered. From head scarfs to jackets, you’ll always have a great choice when it comes to putting your stamp on a uniform. Both outdoor and indoor clothing can have your company’s name stitched on to it, which serves not only the purpose of identifying who an individual works for, but could also give you some mobile marketing too. If your employee’s uniform is as stand out as your business, then everyone will be intrigued to know who you are and what your company does.

Choosing embroidered workwear over other types of labelling could also save you money. As your logo is stitched into each item of clothing, you’ll never have to worry about it falling off or wearing away and in the long term, this makes it the most cost-effective way to put your company name and logo onto staff uniforms. Whatever type of business you work in, a smart, recognisable employee can go a long way when it comes to good customer service!

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