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How are Embroidered Polo Shirts Made?

Once you’ve sent off your initial ideas, what exactly happens to your garments and how easy is the entire embroidery process.

The first step of the embroidery process starts with you. Your designs need to be finalised and checked over with us before any work can be done to your garments. Ideally, your embroidered lettering or logos should contain text that is larger than 5mm otherwise your design will need to be enlarged. Small lettering and fine detailing should be avoided for a successful start to your embroidery process and will ensure that you leave with the perfect polo shirt

The second step involved in creating embroidered polo shirts is the art of ‘digitizing’. Digitizing is a process which converts 2D work into 3D threads and stitching. This process is not as simple as taking a jpeg image and changing into embroidery as the computer program actually has to redesign and recreate the image so that it is ready for your shirts. The computer program tells the sewing machine exactly what colour, size and type of stich should be used, meaning that some exciting effects can be created that aren’t possible with a 2D image.

Next, the production of the embroidered polo shirts can begin! This process is actually done mostly by hand and involves loading different colour stiches into the machine. A single spool of thread for each colour must be placed into the machine at the correct point, as the computer attached to the sewing machine will have been programmed to create your design in a certain order and at a particular speed. Once the threads have been loaded, each polo shirt must then be ‘hooped’ by hand and put into the machine.

Once the sewing process has taken place, each shirt is un-hooped and taken from the machine. The final stage in the embroidery process is quality control. This stage involves checking each polo shirt for irregularities, as well as trimming the excess backing material from each garment. Once this important check has taken place, your embroidered polo shirts are ready to be sent to you.

You might be surprised at just how much goes into the embroidery process, as it often done very quickly. However, every embroidery project undertaken is crafted with the utmost respect for the garments, receiving the complete attention of the experts at the Embroidered and Printing Clothing Company.

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