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Custom Gifts: Our Sublime Shopper!

With Christmas on the way, everyone is getting stuck into the job of buying presents. Though lots of this shopping will be done online, there will also be plenty of people hitting the high street so it's the ideal time to add the Dye Sublimated Shopper Bag to your online store!

Dye sublimation is a technique involving the use of heat-sensitive inks. When heat is applied, the inks go from a solid to a gas with only slight liquefaction, combining with the material in such a way that they actually become part of the structure of that material. This delivers many advantages over the traditional DTG process.

These advantages include:

Homogeneity of dye. It is impossible for dye to build up on the fabric, resulting in a perfectly homogeneous final image.

Brilliance of colour. As the dye bonds to the transparent fibres of the fabric, the colour of the final image is extraordinarily brilliant and clear.

Continuity of tone. The tone of the printed image is photograph-equivalent without the need for specialist techniques such as half-screen printing.

Entirety of cover. Images can be printed across the entire item and there is no difficulty in regard to printing all the way to the edges without distortion.

The Dye Sublimated Shopper Bag from The Embroidered & Printed Clothing Company can be printed all over, in full colour and on both sides. Smart, strong black handles complete this delightful product and, with prices starting at just £3.50 per bag exc. VAT, it's easy to see why the product has a 5-star TrustPilot review rating.

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