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Choosing the Correct Uniform for your Business

This might seem like an easy choice but most businesses in the retail or catering environment need to make sure that employee uniforms meet safety standards. Safety standards for choosing a new uniform can vary from non slip shoes and hair restraints, to sleeve lengths. Once you have made those decisions, that’s when you can look at the options available.

The Brand

Employee uniforms need to be recognised by your customers and look both clean and professional. Your employee uniform needs to be a reflection of your brand, which makes it important to be consistent; this includes your décor, signage and materials. This does not mean all employees have to be dressed in the same uniform. Each job function has its own set of needs and requirements for a uniform.

Categorising employee uniforms by job also allows your customers to easily identify employees. Even though the uniforms will not be the same for every employee, it’s important that each uniform includes the same company logo and style. By purchasing your uniform from the same place you can ensure that the clothing quality, logo’s and colours are consistent for each employee.


Comfortable clothing is important, as employees will need to wear this nearly everyday, with many of them interacting with the public. This is why you should make sure that the uniform that you choose is a soft fabric, and you should also consider working environments. If your employee’s are working outside you should think about providing your staff with a shirt that wicks away moisture or clothing that is thick and warm and suitable for those cold and wet days. If you are working in an indoor cold environment such as near fridges or freezers you will need to make sure that your staff are provided with fleeces.


When you are looking for uniforms for your company, make sure that you are consistent with your logo and colours. Your new uniforms will be a reflection on your business, so make sure you select the right uniforms. You don’t want to confuse your customers by providing your staff with unrecognisable uniforms.

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