Ties & Scarves

The EPCC offers a great range of ties and scarves for you, all of which can be embroidered or printed with your logo, design or brand. Our range includes bow ties, clip on ties and are available in a wide range of colours. To get started, simply choose the preferred tie or scarf that you wish to have. 

Enjoy a vast selection of personalised ties and scarves with our embroidery and screen print services. Whether you want initials, the name of a sports team, or a university emblem, we have the technology and the skills to personalise all manner of styles. We have scarves and ties for every occasion all at great prices. Embroider a tie or scarf to create the ultimate gift for a friend or loved one, or design a uniform set for your club or sports team.

We supply scarves for chefs, varsity teams or for fashionable, personal use. You can also choose to embroider a snood or a morf – great for cold winter months and sports activities like skiing or mountain biking. Ties suitable for the office can be embroidered for the individual with multiple colours and styles available, from striped to satin materials. We also sell ties suitable for the workforce, such as clip on black ties for services like security, and chiffon scarves suitable for hospitality and customer service jobs. We have a range of men’s, women’s and unisex styles – there are many choices.

Embroidery creates a permanent and smart personalisation that looks great after every wash. Choose fonts and typography from a huge range of styles, or you can design your own. It’s easy to upload a logo and we are very flexible to help you achieve the desired look. Simply click on the item of your choice, then select the colour, quantity, and the number of decorations you would like. You can also choose the location of the logo – choose to embroider your scarf or tie at the top, bottom or all over.

We also have other items of clothing that can match your ties and scarves, such as suits for work or sports clothing. We also offer a bespoke service – call for more information.

From £2.79

Beechfield BB290 Suprafleece Geneva Scarf

From £2.45

Beechfield BB291 Suprafleece Dolomite Scarf

From £5.03

Beechfield BB424 Waffle Knit Scarf

From £4.07

Beechfield BB467 College Scarf

From £4.76

Beechfield BB468 Deluxe Infinity Scarf

From £3.33

Beechfield BB469 Metro Knitted Scarf

From £4.07

Beechfield BB479 Varsity Scarf

From £4.07

Beechfield BB488 Eternity Snood Scarf

From £1.78

Beechfield BB900 Morf Original

From £1.75

Beechfield BB920 Morf Suprafleece

From £2.17

Beechfield BB930 Morf Micro Fleece

From £2.02

Beechfield BB950 Morf Enhanced-Viz

From £3.60

Premier PR654 Chef's Scarf

From £4.36

Premier PR700 Work Tie

From £5.16

Premier PR705 Bow Tie

From £5.09

Premier PR710 Clip on Tie

From £5.03

Premier PR711 Ladies Clip On Cravat

From £5.95

Premier PR721 Dice Check Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR722 Horizontal Stripe Tie

From £6.72

Premier PR730 Colours' Scarf

From £6.08

Premier PR750 Colours' Satin Tie

From £6.78

Premier PR755 Colours' Satin Clip Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR760 Multi Stripe Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR762 Four Stripe Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR765 Colours' Fashion Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR766 Candy Stripe Tie

From £7.36

Premier PR770 Multi Stripe Scarf

From £7.36

Premier PR772 Four Stripe Scarf

From £6.59

Premier PR780 Micro Waffle Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR781 Micro Dot Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR782 Double Stripe Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR783 Waffle Stripe Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR784 Sports Stripe Tie

From £7.04

Premier PR785 Colours' Fashion Clip Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR786 Club Stripe Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR787 Puppy Tooth Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR788 Squares Tie

From £7.88

Premier PR789 Slim Knitted Tie

From £6.59

Premier PR793 Slim Tie

From £10.97

Premier PR795 Colours' Silk Tie

From £3.74

Result RC138 Snood Scarf

From £5.09

Result RC350 Fair Isles Double Layer Jacquard Scarf

From £4.01

Result RC351 Button Trim Scarf

From £4.69

Result RC352 Chunky Stripe Scarf

From £3.06

Result RC353 Bandit Face Warmer

From £3.06

Result RC361 Whistler Snood Hood

From £3.40

Result RS100 Polartherm Scarf with Zip Pocket

From £2.59

Result RS143 Polartherm Tassel Scarf

From £5.03

Result RS145 Heavy Knit Scarf

From £3.13

Result RS146 Team Scarf

From £5.29

Result RS366 Snow Leopard Set

From £4.01

Result RS367 Arran Heavy Scarf

From £6.08

Result RS373 Shades of Grey Scarf

From £4.07

Result Winter Ess. RC377 Braided Snood

From £8.13

Skopes CP100 Palette Chiffon Scarf

From £8.13

Skopes CP101 Petals Chiffon Scarf

From £6.66

SOL'S 10598 Gatsby Slim Tie

From £7.17

SOL'S 82000 Globe Tie

From £1.82

SOLS 10597 Blizzard Head Warmer