You can now personalise your pair of shorts with a smart embroidery or fun screen printed design. Choose from a range of styles and colours and include features like initials, brand logos, names or unique patches. With our simple system and great prices, you can create a unique pair of shorts for yourself, or create a whole batch of garments for your sports team or workforce.

Select from shorts styles such as cargo, casual or workwear. We supply shorts from quality clothing companies that are great for a range of purposes. We can embroider shorts from brands like Dickies, built for heavy duty work. We also sell shorts suitable for professional sport like Kooga, or you can personalise your outdoor gear with embroidered shorts from brands like Craghoppers and Regatta.  Embroidery allows a permanent look for your design wash after wash and looks great on cotton and cotton mix materials. Screen print is also great for shorts designs with its flexibility to apply photo screen images and mixed patterns.

Choose from shorts that have different lengths and cuts, such as Bermuda, retro and short shorts like the juicy style – keeping you cool in summer. We can embroider or screen print shorts for men and women, so browse our selection to find the perfect style for you. Choose from a range of fun and bright colours like blues, reds and yellows that are great for sports teams. Or you can go for understated, formal colours suitable for work such as black, dark blue and brown.

You don’t have to order the same style of shorts – you can place the same logo on a range of styles, and you can also mix and match colours. You can choose to have more than one embroidery or screen print design on your shorts, and you can decide where on the garment you would like the design. You can place the logo on either leg at the thigh or knee, or across the back. The choices are endless!

To order your personalised pair of shorts, or to bulk buy a matching set, simply click on the style you wish and choose the colour (if applicable), size, quantity, and then the logo design. Review your order to place a quote and leave the rest to us. 

From £8.69

AWDis JH080 Campus Shorts

From £27.73

Craghoppers CR078 NosiLife Cargo Shorts

From £21.56

Craghoppers CR132 Ladies NosiLife Shorts

From £18.69

Dickies WD014 Redhawk Pro Shorts

From £14.69

Dickies WD020 Redhawk Cargo Shorts

From £11.77

Front Row FR605 Stretch Chino Shorts

From £11.77

Front Row FR606 Ladies Stretch Chino Shorts

From £5.31

Fruit of the Loom SS124 Lightweight Shorts

From £13.02

Henbury H605 Chino Shorts

From £13.02

Henbury H607 Ladies Flat Fronted Chino Shorts

From £21.28

JCB JB005 Keele Shorts

From £12.19

Kariban KB710 Fleece Shorts

From £17.05

Kariban KB765 Bermuda Shorts

From £18.54

Kariban KB777 Trekker Shorts

From £6.40

Kooga KG306 Logo Fleece Shorts

From £12.14

Lee Cooper LC806 Cargo Shorts

From £18.54

Lee Cooper LC807 Holster Pocket Shorts

From £43.21

Lee Cooper LC808 Cargo Shorts

From £18.54

Lee Cooper LC808 Classic Cargo Shorts

From £13.21

Portwest PW103 Action Shorts

From £13.08

Regatta RG234 Action Shorts

From £11.29

Result RS309 Action Shorts

From £16.05

Result RS311 Technical Shorts

From £10.92

Result RS319 Lite Unisex Shorts

From £13.58

Result RS328 Safe-Guard Hi-Vis Cargo Shorts

From £14.20

RTY RT31 Cargo Shorts

From £13.95

RTY RT42 Cargo Shorts

From £10.31

RTY Workwear RT46 Chino Trousers

From £16.68

Russell 002M Workwear Work Shorts

From £12.19

Skinnifit SF64 Men Cargo Shorts

From £8.44

Skinnifit SF69 Men Retro Shorts

From £6.72

Skinnifit SK62 Ladies Shorts

From £4.69

Skinnifit SK69 Ladies Retro Shorts

From £9.19

SOL'S 01174 Ladies Juicy Shorts

From £9.19

SOL'S 01175 June Shorts

From £18.17

SOL'S 83010 Jungle Cargo Shorts

From £18.17

SOLS 01563 Ranger Pro Bermuda Shorts

From £3.33

SOLS 01564 Block Pro Removable Pocket

From £11.90

SOLS 01659 Jasper Bermuda Shorts

From £14.57

SOLS 01660 Jackson Bermuda Shorts

From £4.55

SOLS 01697 Ladies Janeiro Beach Shorts

From £10.00

Warrior HL241 Cargo Shorts