Hi Viz

Check out our range of hi vis jacketsshirts,trousers and vests below. With 15 years of experience and knowledge, we are sure to have the ideal hi viz uniform for you and your needs.

Our selection of hi viz clothing provides the many items you could need to keep your team safe while at work. Using our screen printing and embroidery services, we can embellish the garments of your choice with your logo or another design you choose.
There’s a wide range of hi viz items on offer in various colours to suit different businesses and jobs. For example, there are warm jackets and trousers as well as waistcoats, sweatshirts and light waterproofs. Whatever shape you require, you’re likely to find a garment in our diverse range. We even have items for children available.

Every item is made from polyester and has the high viz bands. Bright-coloured materials make the wearer easily detectable in the dark; yellow, orange and blue items are on offer, though some do come in a choice of pink and green, too.
The item you choose can be customised to suit your business through our specialist equipment. Many people choose to add their logo, department or job title to the items for a professional and helpful design. We can do both screen printing and embroidery. For a smart, longer lasting finish, we advise choosing the embroidery which tends to be more hard wearing.

You can choose where you would like your logo design on the garment. For tops and jackets, we can embellish either side of the chest, the sleeves, across the back or at the nape of the neck. Trousers can be customised down either leg.

See what’s on offer in the collection by scrolling below. Click on the items you would like and simply follow the straightforward step-by-step guide to place your order. Once you’ve requested a quote, you can send us details of the actual design. If you require any help or would like a more bespoke design, contact the team directly over the phone.

From £33.26

Dickies WD032 Hi-Vis Two Tone Parka

From £33.26

Dickies WD033 Hi-Vis Two Tone Pilot Jacket

From £24.10

Dickies WD040 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

From £27.31

Dickies WD041 Hi-Vis Motorway Safety Jacket

From £9.99

Dickies WD043 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £4.09

Dickies WD045 Hi-Vis Waistcoat

From £10.68

Dickies WD141 Hi-Vis Two Tone T-Shirt

From £21.10

Dickies WD148 Hi-Vis Two Tone Hoodie

From £8.06

Dickies WD149 Hi-Vis Two Tone Waistcoat

From £45.53

Dickies WD528 Hi-Vis Two-Tone Soft Shell Jacket

From £18.00

Portwest PW001 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

From £2.45

Portwest PW002 Hi-Vis Vest

From £18.54

Portwest PW003 Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket

From £16.11

Portwest PW011 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket

From £10.19

Portwest PW012 Hi-Vis Rain Trousers

From £39.20

Portwest PW013 3-in-1 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

From £21.56

Portwest PW021 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

From £14.57

Portwest PW022 Hi-Vis Traffic Trousers

From £22.94

Portwest PW025 Hi-Vis Contrast Traffic Jacket

From £20.93

Portwest PW055 Hi-Vis Hoodie

From £9.06

Portwest PW061 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £6.72

Portwest PW303 Hi-Vis Executive Vest

From £2.17

Portwest PW309 Hi-Vis Two Band Vest

From £2.79

Regatta Hardwear RG552 Hi-Vis Vest

From £8.74

Regatta Hardwear RG553 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £22.94

Result RS117 Hi-Vis Soft Shell Jacket

From £20.13

Result RS18 Safeguard Hi-Vis Safety Jacket

From £1.96

Result RS200 Motorist Hi-Vis Safety Vest

From £1.61

Result RS200B Kids Hi -Vis Safety Vest

From £2.17

Result RS201M Hi-Vis Motorway Vest

From £2.73

Result RS202 Zip Safety Tabard

From £5.44

Result RS21 Hi-Vis Vest

From £6.34

Result RS210 Lightweight Motorway Hi-Vis Safety Jacket

From £4.69

Result RS211 Motorist Hi-Vis Safety Vest

From £3.06

Result RS212B Kids Safeguard Hi-Vis Tabard

From £0.81

Result RS213 Safety Vest Storage Bag

From £10.68

Result RS216 Safeguard Hi-Vis Waterproof Suit

From £16.05

Result RS217 Hi-Vis Winter Blouson Jacket

From £16.05

Result RS218 Hi-Vis Motorway Coat

From £4.69

Result RS21B Kids Safety Hi-Vis Vest

From £7.81

Result RS22 Hi-Vis Trousers

From £16.05

Result RS23 Reflective Management Coat

From £27.31

Result RS333 Padded Soft Shell Jacket

From £3.20

Result RS334F Ladies Hi -Vis Vest

From £3.88

RTY EV86 Enhanced VisWaistcoat

From £3.20

RTY EV87 Enhanced Vis Kids Enhanced-Vis Vest

From £17.30

RTY High Vis. HV78 Hi-Vis Hoodie

From £9.99

RTY HV70 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £6.98

RTY HV71 Hi-Vis T-Shirt

From £18.54

RTY HV72 Hi-Vis Fleece Jacket

From £16.68

RTY HV73 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt

From £3.06

RTY HV74 Hi-Vis Waistcoat

From £5.35

RTY HV75 Hi-Vis Motorway Coat

From £16.05

RTY HV76 Hi-Vis Bodywarmer

From £2.79

RTY HV77 High Visability Kids Hi-Vis Vest

From £2.59

SOLS 01691 Secure Pro Hi-Vis Waistcoat

From £8.00

SOLS 01721 Mercure Pro Hi-Vis T-Shirt

From £10.19

SOLS 01722 Signal Pro Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £1.90

Uneek UC801 Sleeveless Safety Waist Coat

From £3.15

Uneek UC802 Long Sleeve Safety Waist Coat

From £11.96

Uneek UC803 Road Safety Jacket

From £11.04

Uneek UC804 High Visibility Bomber Jacket

From £6.46

Uneek UC805 Hi-Viz Polo Shirt

From £1.80

Uneek UC806 Childrens Hi-Viz Waist Coat

From £5.38

Uneek UC807 Hi-Viz Trouser

From £2.31

Warrior WR001 Hi-Vis Waistcoat

From £7.49

Warrior WR002 Daytona Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £13.27

Warrior WR003 Miami Hi-Vis Sweatshirt

From £18.41

Warrior WR004 Hudson Hi-Vis Fleece Jacket

From £21.68

Warrior WR005 Nevada Hi-Vis Jacket

From £21.79

Warrior WR006 Memphis Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

From £14.87

Warrior WR007 Phoenix Hi-Vis Bodywarmer

From £20.30

Warrior WR008 Denver Hi-Vis Jacket

From £7.67

Warrior WR010 Seattle Hi-Vis Trousers

From £19.09

Warrior WR015 Delray Hi-Vis Trousers

From £7.75

Yoko YK010 Hi-Vis Short Sleeve T-Shirt

From £8.74

Yoko YK015 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

From £10.13

Yoko YK016 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

From £12.96

Yoko YK030 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt

From £15.19

Yoko YK031 Hi-Vis Pull Over Hoodie

From £15.31

Yoko YK032 Hi-Vis Zip Hoodie

From £1.96

Yoko YK102B Kids Hi-Vis Two Band & Braces Waistcoat

From £4.36

Yoko YK103 Executive Waistcoat

From £2.72

Yoko YK104 Top Cool Open Mesh Waistcoat

From £4.69

Yoko YK105 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Waistcoat

From £1.61

Yoko YK106B Kids Hi-Vis Two Band Waistcoat