Your team will be thankful for their gloves in cold wintry weather. Customisable thanks to our professional screen printing and embroidery services, you can customise the gloves with your company or team’s logo. It’s not just logos that we print, many people choose to personalise items with names.

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we can customise the front or back of the gloves you choose. You have the option to choose where you would like the design during the ordering process.

We understand that keeping warm is a priority for people playing sports and working outside for long periods of time. We have chosen our gloves based on their high-quality material and design. You’ll find many well-loved makes in the range, including Thinsulate, Regatta and Spiro, which offer great warmth for particularly cold conditions.

Many of the gloves come in a choice of colours, including brighter shades of red and blue, for example. You can choose the ones that match the colours of your team or company. There are fleece options, mittens, fingerless, sports-specific and thermal gloves, so you don’t have to compromise on the practicality of your team’s gloves.

Where the design will sit on the gloves is up to you, and you can choose between screen printing and embroidery. Most people choose embroidery because it works better on the gloves’ material and lasts longer.

Have a look through the many gloves available in the range. We’re confident that you will find the gloves you need because we’ve carefully put together the collection based on what we’re commonly asked for.

Click through to follow our step-by-step order process to select the items, exact sizes and quantities you need. The process is easy to follow and once you’ve requested a quote, you can send us details of the specific design. For assistance and advice on more bespoke options, call us to speak to one of the team. 

From £3.88

Beechfield BB295 Suprafleece Thinsulate Gloves

From £2.59

Beechfield BB296 Suprafleece Alpine Gloves

From £2.79

Beechfield BB490 Smart Gloves

From £1.54

Beechfield BB491 Fingerless Gloves

From £4.07

Beechfield BB493 Flip-Top Gloves

From £4.07

Beechfield BB495 Thinsulate Gloves

From £2.24

Regatta RG201 Knitted Gloves

From £1.96

Regatta RG202 Fingerless Mitts

From £9.69

Regatta RG519 Denman Soft Shell Gloves

From £9.38

Result RS134 TECH Performance Sport Gloves

From £2.45

Result RS144 Polartherm Gloves

From £3.47

Result RS147 Lined Thinsulate Gloves

From £3.33

Result RS147B Kids Lined Thinsulate Gloves

From £3.06

Result RS363 Palmgrip Glove-Mitt

From £6.34

Result RS364 Softshell Thermal Gloves

From £3.74

Result RS365 Pattern Thinsulate Gloves

From £6.59

Ronhill RH111 Classic Glove

From £7.36

Spiro SR257M Fingerless Summer Short Gloves

From £8.69

Spiro SR258M Long Winter Gloves

From £8.13

Spiro SR267 Elite Running Gloves