Baby Clothing

Give your little one a truly special present with your own design. Our bespoke baby clothing is the ideal gift for a niece, nephew or close friend’s baby. The child’s parents will love them too, having something special to treasure as they grow older.

You’ll find items for babies and toddlers in the collection, in a range of colours. From bodysuits, sleepsuits, bibs and hats for babies through to t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers for toddlers, you can get a piece that’s perfectly suited them.
Most of the clothing in our baby range is pure cotton to feel soft against their skin. They’re also easy to wash and last through several washes.
Using our screen printing and embroidery services, you can give personal gifts. We can embellish your item of choice in a number of places. For tops, the front, back or sleeves can be customised. Bibs and hats can be embellished on the front, and you can choose which leg is adorned for leggings and trousers.

There are advantages to both screen printing and embroidery. Screen printing tends to be cheaper while embroidery has a smarter, classic finish and lasts longer through the wash. Our professional equipment means that we can promise high levels of quality with every design.
Many people choose to add a name and little picture to customise the clothing, while others opt for their favourite quote or funny sayings.

Browse the many baby clothing items we have available below and click your choice to place the order. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to choose the type of garment you would like and where the embellishment will sit. If you are unsure whether embroidery or screen printing will give the garment the result you would like, call us to discuss other options.

From £6.34

AWDis JH002B SupaSoft Baby Hoodie

From £3.74

Babybugz BZ02 Baby T-Shirt

From £5.35

Babybugz BZ02S Baby Stripy T-Shirt

From £4.07

Babybugz BZ02T Organic Baby T-Shirt

From £3.94

Babybugz BZ10 Baby Bodysuit

From £6.39

Babybugz BZ10S Baby Stripy Bodysuit

From £4.07

Babybugz BZ10T Baby Organic Baby Bodysuit

From £4.29

Babybugz BZ11 Baby Long Sleeve T-Shirt

From £3.06

Babybugz BZ12 Baby Bib

From £5.82

Babybugz BZ13 Baby Rompersuit

From £2.45

Babybugz BZ15 Baby Knotted Hat

From £3.54

Babybugz BZ15S Baby Stripy Knotted Hat

From £4.07

Babybugz BZ19 Baby Ringer Bodysuit

From £2.92

Babybugz BZ23 Bandana Bib

From £9.06

Babybugz BZ25 Baby All In One

From £5.35

Babybugz BZ30 Baby Organic Long Sleeve Bodysuit

From £6.59

Babybugz BZ31 Baby Sweatshirt

From £7.67

Babybugz BZ32 Baby Hoodie

From £7.36

Babybugz BZ35 Organic Sleepsuit With Mitts

From £4.07

Babybugz BZ39 Baby Organic Vest Bodysuit

From £6.39

Babybugz BZ41 Baby Baseball Playsuit

From £4.15

Babybugz BZ43 Baby Long Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt

From £4.55

Bella BL100 Baby Rib Short Sleeve One Piece

From £3.60

Bella BL101 Baby Rib T-Shirt

From £4.69

Bella BL105 Baby Rib Long Sleeve T-Shirt

From £2.65

Bella BL150 Baby Rib Reversible Beanie

From £1.82

Gildan GD05P Heavy Cotton Toddler T-Shirt

From £8.13

Larkwood LW02T Baby And Toddler Hooded Sweatshirt

From £7.04

Larkwood LW04T Baby And Toddler Contrast Sweatshirt

From £9.38

Larkwood LW05T Baby And Toddler Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

From £6.21

Larkwood LW06T Baby And Toddler Sweatshirt

From £3.74

Larkwood LW20T Baby And Toddler T-Shirt

From £4.01

Larkwood LW21T Baby And Toddler Long Sleeve T-Shirt

From £2.66

Larkwood LW22T Baby And Toddler Terry Bib

From £3.88

Larkwood LW25T Baby And Toddler Long Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt

From £5.03

Larkwood LW26T Girls Frill T-Shirt

From £4.36

Larkwood LW27T Striped Crew Neck T-Shirt

From £2.73

Larkwood LW30T Baby And Toddler Zip Neck Micro Fleece

From £5.76

Larkwood LW40T Baby And Toddler Polo Shirt

From £7.04

Larkwood LW50T Baby Sleepsuit

From £5.03

Larkwood LW51T Contrast Baby Bodysuit

From £6.08

Larkwood LW52T Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuit

From £7.36

Larkwood LW53T Contrast Baby Sleepsuit

From £5.44

Larkwood LW54T Baby Romper

From £4.22

Larkwood LW55T Baby Bodysuit

From £4.01

Larkwood LW56T Baby And Toddler Vest Bodysuit

From £3.06

Larkwood LW61T Baby And Toddler Leggings

From £5.31

Larkwood LW62T Larwood Baby And Toddler Joggers

From £9.94

Larkwood LW70T Fleece All In One

From £7.36

Larkwood LW71T Baby And Toddler Pyjamas

From £2.79

Larkwood LW81T Baby And Toddler Reversible Bandana Bib

From £2.79

Larkwood LW82T Baby And Toddler Bib

From £2.79

Larkwood LW90T Baby And Toddler Cap

From £2.45

Larkwood LW91T Baby Knotted Hat

From £2.73

SOL'S 01211 Kids Babib Bib

From £4.69

SOL'S 01401 Miles Stripe Baby Bodysuit

From £4.07

SOL'S 10583 Bambino Baby Bodysuit

From £4.07

SOL'S 11975 Mosquito Baby T-Shirt

From £4.88

SOLS 01192 Organic Bambino Bodysuit