Aprons & Tabards

You can now provide yourself and your team with an embroidered and screen printed design on our range of tabards and aprons. Our versatile and handy range of workwear sits smartly and neatly over normal clothes or uniforms. We’re able to embroider and screen print a wide range of logos, initials or company names on these garments. Whether you want to kit out your team of waiting staff, or create a unique chef’s apron – our embroidery and screen printing services can cater to your needs.

The aprons and tabards are perfect for cleaning and hospitality services – all protective from everyday spillages and wear and tear. We also supply neat and smart apron designs that can enhance a work uniform.

 Choose from different styles and shapes of apron that vary in length, with additional pockets, bib styles, or wrap around fastening. You can also purchase fun pieces suitable for gifts, such as children’s painting smocks that can be embroidered with their name. We also sell formal academy tunics for professional catering training schools.

 There are loads of options for colours on our aprons and tabards; bright pinks, greens and blues provide a summery, fresh look for your staff, or opt for black, burgundy and grey aprons for a more formal, classy uniform. You don’t have to order the same uniform colour for your staff – choose a selection of colours in the same style, or match the colour but change the style. The choices are endless and every embroidery or screen print design is done so with care and skill to make your workwear garments look smart and professional.

Embroidered designs provide a long-lasting effect, with intricate font and lettering available. Screen-print designs are really versatile and if you like, you can also combine screen print and embroidery on one garment. Once you have selected your tabard or apron, select the quantity and colour, then decide where you would like to position your logo on the garment. You can position the logo anywhere on the item and you can have as many logos as you wish. Once you submit your enquiry, you will get a quote and then provide details of your unique logo design.

Bespoke designs are available for both embroidery and screen print, and we can even supply you with a bespoke garment if you can’t find the right length or shape of apron or tabard. 

If you have any questions just give us a call on 0800 051 8444.

From £5.31

Dennys DE100 Polyester Bib Apron

From £6.39

Dennys DE101 Polyester Bib Apron with Pocket

From £4.62

Dennys DE105 Polyester Waist Apron

From £5.35

Dennys DE106 Polyester Waist Apron with Pocket

From £8.19

Dennys DE111 Tabard with Pocket

From £7.23

Dennys DE120 Bib Apron

From £7.10

Dennys DE121 Bib Apron with Pocket

From £5.95

Dennys DE122 Waist Apron with Pocket

From £5.63

Dennys DE123 Bar Apron with Pocket

From £5.35

Dennys DE124 Wrapover Waist Apron

From £5.76

Dennys DE125 Zip Pocket Apron

From £5.35

Dennys DE126 Money Pocket Apron

From £8.56

Dennys DE127 Denim Waist Apron

From £8.74

Dennys DE128 Cross Dyed Denim Bib Apron

From £7.67

Dennys DE129 Cross Dyed Denim Waist Apron

From £9.06

Dennys DE140 Large Cotton Bib Apron

From £10.37

Dennys DE145 Stripe Bib Apron

From £5.76

Kustom Kit K513 Bargear Apron

From £8.13

Kustom Kit K514 Bargear Long Apron

From £9.38

Kustom Kit K515 Bargear Bib Apron

From £5.44

Larkwood LW24T Toddlers Painting Smock

From £16.37

Le Chef LE001 Long Sleeve Academy Tunic

From £15.07

Le Chef LE002 Academy Tunic

From £6.98

Premier PR101 Apron

From £5.31

Premier PR102 Cotton Apron

From £7.69

Premier PR104 Poly Cotton Pocket Apron

From £7.10

Premier PR105 Zip Pocket Waist Apron

From £7.49

Premier PR106 Long Pocket Bar Apron

From £6.08

Premier PR107 Short Bar Apron

From £7.10

Premier PR108 Long Bar Apron

From £6.02

Premier PR109 Open Pocket Waist Apron

From £7.10

Premier PR110 Stripe Apron

From £8.31

Premier PR112 Fairtrade Apron

From £6.59

Premier PR114 Fairtrade Half Apron

From £8.56

Premier PR124 Deluxe Pocket Apron

From £6.85

Premier PR125 Denim Waist Apron

From £7.94

Premier PR126 Denim Bib Apron

From £4.07

Premier PR149 Kids Bib Apron

From £5.70

Premier PR150 Colours' Bib Apron

From £5.25

Premier PR151 Colours' Mid Length Apron

From £5.89

Premier PR154 Colours' Bib Apron with Pocket

From £5.23

Premier PR155 Colours' 3 Pocket Apron

From £5.89

Premier PR156 Bistro Apron

From £6.08

Premier PR158 Colours' Bar Apron

From £5.50

Premier PR159 Colours' 2-in-1 Apron

From £6.14

Premier PR162 Contrast Bib Apron

From £6.14

Premier PR164 Gastronomy Apron

From £4.22

Premier PR165 Essential Bib Apron

From £5.23

Premier PR167 Polyester Bib Apron

From £6.46

Premier PR168 Stripe Half Apron

From £6.85

Premier PR169 Bistro Waist Apron

From £6.27

Premier PR171 Pocket Tabard

From £7.67

Premier PR172 Long Pocket Tabard

From £11.59

Premier PR668 Chef's Tunic

From £5.03

Result RS228B Kids Art Smock

From £5.18

SOL'S 88020 Greenwich Apron

From £4.42

SOL'S 10599 Kids Gala Long Bib Apron

From £6.34

SOL'S 88010 Gala Long Bib Apron

From £4.49

SOLS 01744 Gramercy Bib Apron

From £4.73

Uneek UC920 Premium Tabard

From £4.88

Warrior DV200 Bib Apron

From £5.35

Warrior DV201 Pocket Apron

From £3.74

Warrior DV206 Pocket Waist Apron

From £5.35

Warrior DV250 Pocket Tabard

From £5.16

Warrior DV251 Tabard

From £5.76

Warrior DV260 Long Pocket Tabard

From £2.45

Westford Mill W362 Fairtrade Kids Craft Apron

From £5.03

Westford Mill W364 Fairtrade Adult Craft Apron

From £1.92

Yoko YK100 Hi-Vis Reflective Border Tabard

From £3.26

Yoko YK101 Two Band Tabard