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Hi Wendy, The last polo shirt arrived this morning. Thanks for your swift response. They were distributed this evening and everyone is delighted with the quality of the product. Many thanks
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Embroidered Workwear News Archive

Embroidered workwear has a special importance in the corporate sector. People working in the corporate sector come from different strata of the society. Not all of them can afford to wear expensive clothes. The resultant variation in the dress code is often considered to be a hindrance in an organisation’s progress. A common dress code is always desirable. This is where the role of embroidered workwear comes into play. The advantages of an embroidered workwear are many. These give a distin ...


Besides serving as a stylish dress code, a must for organizations today, these also help in creating a brand reminder in the minds of the customers. An attractive and eye-catching embroidered workwear will definitely garner more attention among the customers. Neatly embroidered logo and color of the workwear will definitely be remembered by the customers and help in bringing more and more customers towards the company. Embroidered workwear at workplaces also helps in bringing the staff together ...


Embroidery adds value to the regular workwear through its distinct and marked sense of style. Embroidered workwear also gives the workers a chance to break away from their strict work regime by giving them an opportunity to creatively experiment with their dress code. A more customized form of embroidered workwear is slowly gaining huge popularity just by giving more variations in terms of clothing. Designing and creating embroidered workwear involves a keen knowledge of the technicalities and d ...


Embroidered workwear is gaining ground in the contemporary organisations. Earlier, it was thought that only skill matters and people do not care about the external appearance. But now a day, proper dress code at work has become an important prerequisite. The advantages of embroidered workwear are manifold. Embroidered workwear can be used as a dress code material as well as for attracting more and more customers through effective marketing. This workwear generally has an attractive company logo ...


They have come to be the most popular and upcoming trends hitting the business and corporate dress code. A lot effort is being put into the style element of embroidered workwear to establish it as a branding and advertising medium. Quite often we come across companies using these as a tool to promote their marketing and business strategies. Various clothing brands have actively been involved in promoting this form of dress code keeping in mind its incredible mass appeal. For instance Arco, a con ...


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