Our wide range of bags include briefcases, document holders, portfolio cases, travel bags, flight bags, holdallsmessenger bagsbackpacks and gym sacs that can all be embroidered or screen printed with your design.

Even when your team is out of uniform, you can create a unified look with bespoke bags. You can trust the quality of the finish thanks to our professional embroidery and screen printing equipment.

As you’ll see from the collection below, there are all sorts of bags to suit sports teams, clubs and a team of colleagues representing a business. All items are chosen for their simple yet stylish design and hard-wearing practicality.
For clubs and sports teams, choose from backpacks, satchels, draw-string bags, duffles and barrel bags, just to name of few of the options available. Other bags include shoppers and desk bags which work really well as promotional items for companies. Along with a selection of bags, we have gadget accessories such as laptop, tablet and phone cases. We’ve created this wide stock based on what we’re commonly asked for, and we’re confident that there will be an item to meet your requirements in the range.

Any item you choose can be customised to suit your team or business. Choose from plenty of different colours, including bright red, pink, purple and blue as well as more conventional black, grey and navy. Various items are available in certain colours and you can use the search tool to view only those in your ideal colours. The bags are customisable through our embroidery and screen printing services. Where you would like the design is up to you – we can embellish the front, back or either side. The design itself is also your choice.

We’re pleased to offer both screen printing and embroidery. The latter of the two usually works better for bags because it is more hard wearing.
To order any bags, simply use our step-by-step process which guides you through from start to finish. Once you have requested a quote, you can send us more information about the design itself. For assistance along the way and to find out more about our services, call us to speak to a member of the team.

From £6.34

AWDis JC098 Gym Bag

From £1.67

BagBase BG10 Premium Gymsac

From £3.74

BagBase BG110 Icon Drawstring Backpack

From £6.78

BagBase BG125 Original Fashion Backpack

From £5.76

BagBase BG125B Kids Fashion Backpack

From £7.67

BagBase BG125L Maxi Fashion Backpack

From £5.95

BagBase BG14 Retro Shoulder Bag

From £7.81

BagBase BG140 Varsity Barrel Bag

From £6.98

BagBase BG145 Junior Dance Bag

From £3.67

BagBase BG150 Packaway Barrel Bag

From £4.88

BagBase BG16 Retro Flight Bag

From £8.74

BagBase BG173 Camo Barrel Bag

From £8.06

BagBase BG175 Camo Backpack

From £3.74

BagBase BG18 Mini Reporter

From £4.62

BagBase BG180 Graphic Drawstring Backpack

From £7.67

BagBase BG188 Graphic Backpack

From £9.69

BagBase BG200 Freestyle Holdall

From £6.72

BagBase BG21 Messenger Bag

From £8.44

BagBase BG212 Universal Backpack

From £11.53

BagBase BG218 Two-Tone Digital Messenger

From £10.55

BagBase BG22 Holdall

From £27.31

BagBase BG23 Wheelie Holdall

From £19.48

BagBase BG25 Airporter

From £5.35

BagBase BG26 Retro Day Bag

From £9.94

BagBase BG260 Campus Laptop Brief

From £10.92

BagBase BG261 Campus Laptop Messenger

From £9.94

BagBase BG265 Campus Laptop Backpack

From £10.92

BagBase BG325 Satchel Messenger

From £9.69

BagBase BG33 Portfolio Briefcase

From £4.62

BagBase BG331 Conference Messenger

From £2.79

BagBase BG341 iPad mini/Tablet Shuttle

From £3.74

BagBase BG343 iPad/Tablet Shuttle

From £6.39

BagBase BG345 iPad/Tablet Reporter

From £2.99

BagBase BG42 Belt Bag

From £4.82

BagBase BG44 Washbag

From £1.89

BagBase BG46 Phone Pouch

From £18.54

BagBase BG460 Escape Ultimate Cabin Carryall

From £32.07

BagBase BG461 Escape Dual-Layer Cabin Wheelie

From £34.45

BagBase BG462 Escape Dual-Layer Medium Wheelie

From £38.54

BagBase BG463 Escape Dual-Layer Large Wheelie

From £3.94

BagBase BG47 Travel Wallet

From £30.88

BagBase BG470 Lightweight Spinner Carry-On

From £4.29

BagBase BG48 XL Travel Wallet

From £2.31

BagBase BG49 Phone Pouch XL

From £1.62

BagBase BG5 Budget Gymsac

From £4.88

BagBase BG53 Organiser Waistpack

From £3.67

BagBase BG540 Sports Shoe/Accessory Bag

From £5.57

BagBase BG542 Athleisure Gymsac

From £12.14

BagBase BG544 Sports Holdall

From £12.71

BagBase BG546 Athleisure Kit Bag

From £11.59

BagBase BG550 Sports Backpack

From £12.14

BagBase BG571 Teamwear Backpack

From £13.02

BagBase BG572 Teamwear Holdall

From £14.82

BagBase BG613 Laptop Backpack

From £10.92

BagBase BG623 Tote

From £13.58

BagBase BG628 Overnighter

From £14.82

BagBase BG640 Oakdale Weekender

From £9.94

BagBase BG645 Oakdale Backpack

From £8.06

BagBase BG648 Drawcord Duffle

From £16.05

BagBase BG650 Weekender

From £9.94

BagBase BG651 Messenger

From £5.70

BagBase BG673 Day Bag

From £5.35

BagBase BG683 Westcove Tote

From £5.76

BagBase BG693 Riviera Tote

From £6.39

BagBase BG71 Retro Messenger

From £10.31

BagBase BG75 Retro Bowling Bag

From £1.82

BagBase BG790 Budget Vertical Messenger Bag

From £9.38

BagBase BG825 Heritage Backpack

From £9.69

BagBase BG855 Roll-Top Backpack

From £4.62

BagBase BG861 Onyx Wash Bag

From £5.29

BagBase BG863 Onyx Across Body Bag

From £6.08

BagBase BG864 Onyx Drawstring Backpack

From £9.69

BagBase BG866 Onyx Mini Backpack

From £11.53

BagBase BG867 Onyx Backpack

From £13.58

BagBase BG869 Onyx Weekender

From £14.82

BagBase BG881 Affinity Re-Pet Reporter

From £16.68

BagBase BG885 Affinity Re-Pet Backpack

From £18.34

BagBase BG887 Affinity Re-Pet Weekender

From £2.02

BagBase BG901 Sublimation Shopper

From £9.94

BagBase BG91 Original Retro Messenger

From £2.02

BagBase BG910 Sublimation Gymsac

From £0.88

BagBase BG915 Sublimation Stuff Bag

From £5.75

BagBase BG942 Sublimation Hip Pack

From £3.39

BagBase BG946 Sublimation Phone Pouch

From £3.66

BagBase BG949 Sublimation Phone Pouch XL

From £14.82

BagBase BG95 Original Retro Bowling Bag

From £7.67

BagBase BG950 Sublimation Junior Backpack

From £10.97

BagBase BG955 Sublimation Backpack

From £5.44

BagBase BG961 Sublimation Digital Mini Reporter

From £6.34

BagBase BG963 Sublimation Digital Reporter

From £9.56

BagBase BG965 Sublimation Messenger Bag

From £8.11

BagBase BG971 Sublimation iPad Mini /Tablet Case

From £9.36

BagBase BG973 Sublimation iPad/Tablet Case

From £5.35

BagBase BG98 Original Retro Across Body Bag

From £20.23

Canterbury CN002 Teamwear Backpack

From £22.37

Canterbury CN003 Teamwear Holdall

From £48.45

Canterbury CN006 Pro Wheelie Bag

From £4.36

Finden & Hales LV984 Team Shoe Bag

From £10.37

Finden & Hales LV985 Ultimate Team Daypack

From £13.33

Finden & Hales LV986 Team Holdall

From £12.14

Front Row FR960 Holdall

From £0.90

Okarma OK44 Shopping Bag

From £4.69

Quadra QD12 Belt Bag

From £1.78

Quadra QD17 Gymsac

From £4.49

Quadra QD23 Shopper

From £5.35

Quadra QD26 Deck Bag

From £10.68

Quadra QD264 Executive iPad/Tablet Case

From £16.05

Quadra QD266 Portfolio Laptop Case

From £18.92

Quadra QD268 Executive Digital Office Case

From £18.92

Quadra QD269 Executive Digital Backpack

From £5.29

Quadra QD27 Duffle

From £6.72

Quadra QD31 Suit Cover

From £8.06

Quadra QD45 Advertising Holdall

From £2.59

Quadra QD452 Enhanced-Viz Book Bag

From £2.73

Quadra QD456 Book Bag

From £4.62

Quadra QD457 Junior Book Bag with Strap

From £1.78

Quadra QD458 Junior Shoesac

From £3.88

Quadra QD51 Junior Book Bag

From £20.64

Quadra QD525 Pro Cargo Bag

From £14.82

Quadra QD57 Pursuit Backpack